Quick Answer: Are PSN Accounts Region Locked?

Can I use a PSN card from another country?

A PSN card for the EU PS Store cannot be redeemed in the US PS Store.

You can purchase PSN cards for any region, if they’re available for you to purchase, however these cards are tied for the store their designated for and cannot be used in another region’s store.

Can you use UK PSN card US account?

UK PSN Cards work in USA. you can buy the US store cards online though. You can, however, create another PSN account and say you’re from the UK. Then you’ll be able to use them, but only on that account.

Are PSN games region locked?

Officially, both digital and physical PS4 games are not region locked. Additionally, even though PS4 games aren’t region locked, DLC is tied to your regional store and PSN Online IDs from other regions won’t work on the PlayStation Store.

How do I redeem my PSN code from another country?

My PlayStation™ code is from a different country

The country of the code is printed on the voucher. Voucher codes can only be redeem in the same PlayStation™Store country. There is no way to change the country of an account for PlayStation™Network. Check your account country/region in your account details.

How do I make a Region 2 PSN account?

Creating a Different Region PSN Account

  • Log out of your main account on your PS4.
  • Click “New User” from the following screen after logging out.
  • Click “Create a user” and agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Click “New to PSN?
  • Click “Sign up now”
  • Choose country in your region.

Do Australian PSN cards work in America?

The Australian Playstation Store absolutely does not take US dollars, it’s in Australian dollars. Playstation Network cards are region specific, so USA cards only work in the USA. However Australia has it’s own Playstation office and marketing team.

Are PlayStation codes region locked?

Officially, both digital and physical PS4 games are not region locked. That said, Sony does encourage games and consoles to be from the same region “for best performance.”

Can I use a Canadian PSN card on a US account?

PSN Card in USA Will it Work in Canada. No. PSN cards are “per country”. You can create a US PSN account and probably use it there.