Quick Answer: Can’t Change My Country On Spotify?

Why can’t I change my Spotify country?

It’s based on your current IP address.

If you’re not in the country you’d like to change it to or you’re having trouble with the first step, you can change the country with your payment details here.

Your payment details will need to be from the country you’d like to change to.

How do I change my country on Spotify without being there?

You can also upgrade to Premium to listen anywhere for as long as you want without having to change country settings.

Spotify Free

  • Log in to your account page.
  • Scroll down to Country and select your new country from the dropdown list.

Does Spotify have region lock?

Apart from the rights owners deciding to allow Spotify to stream the music to your region, there is only one way to “fix” unavailable albums. If you have the mp3 files of the album you can add them to your Spotify local files (you can add folders in your preferences in Spotify).

Does Spotify spy on you?

Virtually every free digital app is spying on you and sharing that data with 3rd parties. This includes the music streaming service Spotify. When you sign up for Spotify from a web browser, you are encouraged to sign up using your Facebook login so they can associate your account with your profile.

Does Spotify use data to play music?

If you have a monthly limit on your cellular data plan, it’s important to know how much data Spotify uses. It is estimated that streaming music from Spotify over a cellular connection of at least 3G will use 3–5 MB per song with the Normal Music Quality setting.

Does Spotify have all songs?

7.601 for iOS) makes them harder to find for premium users. The “Your Library” section of the app not only looks different, but Spotify has eliminated the “Songs” section, leaving just “Playlists,” “Artists,” and “Albums.” Don’t worry, all your songs are still there. They’ve just been moved around a bit.