Question: Do Steam Cards Work Internationally?

Can you use a steam card anywhere?

Yes, but not at a store.

If you have friends who play steam games and you have no use for a gift card, I recommend trading it.

So really you can’t buy non-steam items with steam cards, but you can definitely trade for them.

Are Steam cards Universal?

Yes you can. They are not Region locked like Steam games. Region locks effect games only, strictly. You can send Gift Cards anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.

Are Steam gift cards region locked?

Steam Wallet codes typically do not have any country restrictions and can be redeemed worldwide (Note, some cards issued in Asia may only be redeemable in this region).

Do us steam cards work in Europe?

Can you add US steam wallet to an EU or UK account? Yes. Can I redeem a Steam Wallet code that is in a different currency? Yes, however you will be prompted to convert the value of the Steam Wallet code to the currency of your Steam Wallet as shown below.

What percentage does steam take from market?


How long do steam cards last?

No Expiration Date

No expiration dates! Your gift card is 100% authentic and will not expire. Use it whenever is most convenient for you.

Are Steam trading cards worth anything?

Trading cards are generally worth more when a game is new and expensive. You might be able to sell a new $60 game’s trading cards for 25 to 30 cents apiece, while those cards may decline to six cents or less as the game itself drops in price.

What are gems worth in steam?

Compared with max. 20 gems / 3 cents for a card it’s more worth it. You can turn 1000 gems into a Sack of gems. An item Sack of gems is worth a few tens of cents on Steam Market (at the time of writing it’s around €0,45, which seems to be the long-time median price).