Do They Drug Test At PetSmart?

Will Starbucks drug test me?

No Starbucks does not drug test.

No, they do not drug test.

What kind of drug tests does target use?

6 answers. No they do not drug test. In their employee handbook they only drug test if they suspect you of usage, or you have a major accident while on the clock and are requesting workers comp. Target only does drug tests if you are required to operate a vehicle or if you get into an incident/accident.

Do target seasonal employees get drug tested?

No, they do not. They do fire almost all seasonal employees at the end of the season, however, so don’t count on becoming permanent. Yes target drug test all employees.

What is considered full time at Target?

35-40 hours a week is considered full time for benefits. Must average 20 hours a week to receive time off and more than 30 per week to get insurance.

Does Target do pre employment drug test?

Does target drug test in California? Yes they most absolutely do. A person will stand in front of you and stare at you while you are tested.

What is Petco starting pay?

How much does Petco in the United States pay? Average Petco hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.64 per hour for Sales Representative to $17.14 per hour for Warehouse Worker. The average Petco salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Stocker to $54,774 per year for Veterinary Assistant.

Is Petco a good job?

Great working environment, with the right people. Petco is a great working environment. They management staff are willing to work flexible schedules with students, to help them further their education. Management does not CARE about PETS.

Does Autozone drug test delivery drivers?

They don’t perform a drug test. Not unless there is an accident while on the clock. Yes they do and its a urine test.