Do You Need A Receipt For Nintendo Switch Warranty?

Can GameStop look up your receipt?

If you’re a power up rewards member, gamestop can typically see at the bottom of the screen when they scan your card what your last 5 or 6 purchases were.

They can see the date of purchase, title, system, and if it was new or used.

Can GameStop look up my warranty?

You will have to go into your own billing records and find out exactly when the system was purchased, then they can look it up in the system with a date.

Can you return stuff to GameStop without a receipt?

GameStop Return Policy

GameStop (GME) allows just 30 days for returns, and will make no returns without a receipt. Items returned with a gift receipt qualify only for exchanges or refunds in store credit. Pre-owned items can be returned for a refund within seven days, or for an identical exchange within 30 days.

How does warranty work at GameStop?

After the first 30 days, your MANUFACTURING WARRANTY KICKS IN, which last’s one year. If anything happens to the system within the first year, you return it to MS, NOT GAMESTOP. After the first year is over, the GameStop Warranty till kick in and will allow you to return the system to any store. No receipt required.

Can you return GameStop online purchases in store?

Yes, online orders can be returned in store. Not sure if the store can sell the retro item, or has to ship them back to WH. Just bring your packing slip.

How do you get around GameStop’s return policy?

If you find yourself in need of returning merchandise purchased at GameStop, make sure you have your receipt as it is required for all returns and exchanges. A pre-owned item can be returned for your money back within 7 days or an exchange of the same item within 30 days.

Can you renew a warranty at GameStop?

Correct. GameStop does not sell warranties or accidental insurance plans. PRP stands for “Product Replacement Plan”. Often customers and even the employee selling it get these all confused: Extended Warranty, Product Replacement Option, Insurance, Accidental Insurance.

Does GameStop warranty cover theft?

On systems and games. It covers everything except for loss, theft and pest infestation.