Question: How Do I Change The PIN On My Ledger Nano S?

How do you enter PIN in Ledger Nano S?

Enter your PIN to unlock the Ledger Nano S.

Note: if your PIN code includes less than 8 digits, please type in your PIN code as usual, and use the right / left button until you reach a check mark (✓).

Then, confirm your PIN code by pressing both buttons.

How do I reset my ledger Nano S?


  • Connect and unlock your Ledger Nano S by entering your PIN code.
  • Go to the Settings on the dashboard and press both buttons to validate.
  • Choose Security and press both buttons to validate.
  • Choose Reset all by pressing both buttons.
  • Read the warning by pressing the right button to continue.

What if I lost ledger Nano S?

In case of Ledger Nano S is damaged or lost you always have chance to recover your coins if you have backup of your seed(24 words). Then you can order new Ledger or Trezor,or any other compatible device. You can also just use your seed and get access to your coins by using some desktop wallet(Electrum).

How do I access my ledger Nano S?


  1. Connect your Ledger device and enter your PIN code.
  2. Open your Bitcoin application on the Ledger device itself (required for Nano S and Blue)
  3. Disable the “Browser support” setting of this application (required for Nano S and Blue)

Is it safe to buy a used ledger Nano S?

Nano S and Trezor are the safest bitcoin/altcoin wallets you can ever get. Just make sure that the used hardware wallet should not be broken. There is no risk of it getting compromised, as you will be generating a new seed(private key) when you get a used or new hardware wallet.

How do I disconnect my ledger Nano S from my computer?

The Ledger Nano S has no on/off button: just connect it to a computer to turn it on, and disconnect it to turn it off. The Ledger Nano S is not equipped with a battery.