Question: How Do I Check My EB Games Trade In Value?

How much can I trade in my Nintendo switch for?

Assuming you no longer need your original Switch, you can trade in the launch model for $225, up from the usual $200, as part of a limited-time deal at GameStop stores.

What can you do with carrots at EB Games?

Customers earn carrots. For every dollar spent on a new product the customer earns one carrot. And since everyone wants to go “green” these days, customers are rewarded by receiving double the carrots for each dollar spent when buying a preowned game or trading in a game compared with buying a brand new game.

How do I check my edge reward points?

To know your EDGE REWARDS points balance, log on to Internet Banking/ Mobile App or

What is the highest EB Games level?

Well, as of today, privileged members have been receiving level 5 EB World memberships. Previously, gamers could only receive the maximum of Level 4. The new benefits are actually pretty decent too.

How much will GameStop buy my switch for?

Gamestop Will Give You $200 Towards A Nintendo Switch When You Trade-In A Nintendo Switch.

How much can I sell my switch for at GameStop?

$200 of credit may seem quite generous, but then GameStop sells pre-owned Switch consoles for $279.99, so it’s an instant $80 of profit on re-sale. You also have to consider how much a new Switch console costs. The standard Switch is $299.99, where as the bundles vary in price depending on the game.

What does Level 3 EB World card do?

For those impatient to level up, EB World gives the opportunity to jump to Level 3 by purchasing a 1-year subscription to the magazine, Game Informer. As an incentive at Level 3, customers receive a $10 trade credit and a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deal, which basically covers the cost of the magazine subscription.

What is the EB Games birthday offer?

‘Birthday Offer’ means an offer from EB Games or Zing Pop Culture to a Member upon the date of that Member’s birthday, as provided by the Member through their EB World Profile.

What are EB World cards for?

‘EB World’ is a new customer loyalty program to be launched by the retailer which will rewards customers for shopping in store, trading in games etc. and features a website compontent.

Why is EB Games closing down?

EB Games to close its doors in ‘unprofitable’ locations nationwide. Electronics and video game retailer EB Games has revealed it will be closing its doors in “unprofitable” locations across the country amid a profits slump.