Question: How Long Does Nintendo Take To Repair Joy Cons?

Can I still send in my joy cons for repair?

The internal member tells customer service representatives that “Customers will no longer be requested to provide proof of purchase for Joy-Con repairs.” But if it these steps don’t work, gamers can send their Joy-Cons for repair for no charge, according to the Vice report.

How long does Nintendo repair take UK?

Nintendo UK Customer Support. Due to the Covid-19 situation in the UK you may experience delays in our repair service. Please allow 15 working days for repairs at this time.

Does Nintendo repair for free?

You may get lucky and get a free replacement if Nintendo can’t repair it. So call up Nintendo and find out what you have to do. Not free. You send it in and pay to have it repaired, if they can’t fix it they send you a refurbished one back at factory settings.

Does Nintendo charge for joy con repairs?

According to a Vice report on Tuesday, the company now has a new policy: It will no longer charge for repairs, and refund the repair fee to those who have already paid it. “Customers will no longer be requested to provide proof of purchase for Joy-Con repairs,” an internal memo obtained by Vice said.

Do you need a receipt for Nintendo switch warranty?

You don’t need a receipt. The serial number on your Switch will tell Nintendo whether or not it’s still under warranty. That’s because all Nintendo switches are under warranty until March 3rd 2018.

How do I track a Nintendo repair?

Check your Repair Order Status here and track your shipment with your carrier. If you used our Factory Return Program, you can track your shipment online at Your tracking number for the return shipment to Nintendo can be found on your return shipping label.

How much does it cost to replace screen switch?

Nintendo charges about 180 pounds to fix cracked consoles. Doing the conversion 180 pounds is about $231 US dollars.

Do switch joy cons break easily?

The Switch’s JoyCon controllers are cheaply made and break easily, and fans are fed up. There’s a reason why Nintendo makes a profit on every Switch sold: the device is relatively cheap to make, and if you’ve ever held one, you can definitely see where they saved cash. Any extra JoyCons only have a 90-day warranty.

Can JoyCons be fixed?

With no permanent fix being offered by Nintendo, they’re just sick of it. Nintendo recently told customer service representatives the company will no longer charge customers seeking Joy-Con repairs, and refund those who’ve already paid, according to internal Nintendo documentation seen by VICE Games.

Are Joycons covered under warranty?

Be it an issue with the Joy-Con, kickstand, or something else, you are covered by Nintendo’s limited warranty for 12 months. That’s the standard length for any Nintendo console, including the Switch and the Nintendo 3DS line. Games and accessories sold separately carry a three-month warranty.

Can I claim warranty without receipt?

If you can’t find the guarantee or warranty, contact the seller or trader and ask if they have a copy or the manufacturer’s contact details. When you make a claim, you’ll usually need: proof of purchase – usually a receipt showing where and when you bought the goods. details of what the problem is.