Question: Do Lisa And Nelson End Up Together?

Who is Jungkook new crush?

JessiJessi confesses about her crush on BTS’ Jungkook The latest addition to this fandom is Korean Hip Hop Queen Jessi.

On her talk show, Jessi’s Showteriew.

the songstress spilled some beans about her personal life and eventually revealed her celebrity crush..

Who is the ugliest in Blackpink?

Poll for Who is the Ugliest in Blackpink The poll for the ugliest member of Blackpink has been concluded with a poll result. The sources were surfaced on the internet and we have tabulated the list as follows: Jennie – 40 vote(s) 14.7% Lisa – 119 vote(s) 43.6%

What did Lisa’s wedding predict?

In “Lisa’s Wedding,” we discover that librarians have been replaced with robots in the “Simpsons” universe. More than 20 years later, robotics students from the University of Aberystwyth built a prototype for a walking library robot, while scientists in Singapore have begun testing their own robot librarians.

Who was Lisa Simpsons first crush?

Ralph WiggumRalph Wiggum Lisa’s first boyfriend and arguably still her best, Ralph is the lovable dimwit son of Chief Wiggum.

Does IU like Jungkook?

♥ It is no secret that Jungkook is a hardcore fan of IU. He has also repeatedly named the 24-year-old singer as his celebrity crush. When IU’s name was called as the winner of the ‘Year of the Album Award,’ Jungkook was spotted beaming widely.

Is Milhouse dating Lisa?

In the episode “Holidays of Future Passed” (2011), set 30 years into the future, Lisa and Milhouse are married and have a daughter, Zia.

Who is Lisa true love?

In “Lisa’s Wedding”, at age 16, Lisa, shortly after she lost her virginity to him, tells Milhouse she doesn’t ever intend to ever get married, breaking his heart. At age 23, Lisa is at Yale and falls in love with a handsome British young man named Hugh Parkfield who she then is about to marry.

How much older is Bart than Lisa?

At ten years old, Bart is the eldest child and only son of Homer and Marge, and the brother of Lisa and Maggie.

Who is Lisa’s crush 2020?

BLACKPINK recently appeared on the comic show Knowing Brothers and Lisa from the group revealed her crush on Gong Yoo. Watch the clip from their appearance below. BLACKPINK member Lisa was never shy about showing her love for actor Gong Yoo, as in the past, she revealed that he’s her ideal type.

Who is Lisa Simpsons boyfriend?

Edmund DraculaIn some episodes Lisa is shown to have a boyfriend, such as Edmund Dracula in “Treehouse of Horror XXI” or Colin in “The Simpsons Movie”.

Is Nelson Moes son?

Mr. Muntz and his son, Nelson in “Bart Star”. When his wife got hooked on cough drops, he took her gold tooth and left the family, saying that he was going to the store for a pack of cigarettes. … When he went for the cigarettes, he also bought a chocolate bar.

Who Does Lisa marry?

MilhouseAlthough she dates Nelson later in her adulthood at the end of Season 27’s “Barthood,” “Holidays of Futures Passed” and its sequel, Season 25’s “Days of Future Future,” reveal that Lisa eventually married Milhouse and had a daughter, Zia.

Does Lisa Love Milhouse?

Another episode gives us a subtle hint that Milhouse might have been Lisa’s “first.” In any case, it’s well known that Lisa is by no means attracted to Milhouse, as she usually acts cold and distant towards him. Despite this, he’s tried to win her heart on countless occasions, given he’s always had a crush on her.

Who voiced Lisa’s fiance?

Hugh St. John Alastair Parkfield is a famous one-time character of The Simpsons, he was voiced by Mandy Patinkin and appeared in the Emmy-winning episode “Lisa’s Wedding”. He is a British student who becomes engaged to Lisa 15 years in the future, but after he insulted her family, she breaks their engagement off.

Does Nelson like Lisa?

In “Holidays of Future Passed”, Nelson is shown to be in love with Lisa Simpson. … Also, Lisa says to Bart, “Well, someone calls someone.”, when asked, “Nelson calls you?”, implying that she calls him, rather than he calls her.

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