Quick Answer: What Delivery Does CeX Use?

Does CeX do home delivery?

Usually delivery should take no more than 3 to 5 working days.

However, we ask that you allow up to 14 days for the items to arrive, as all items are sourced and dispatched from any of our stores across the UK.

If you’ve waited longer than 14 days for your order to arrive, please contact us using the web form HERE.

Can you order from CeX?

Unfortunately, not all CeX stores are fulfilling online orders. So whilst stock from those stores is unavailable to order online, it can still be viewed so

How do I track an order from CeX?

You can track your order status online by signing in on WeBuy.com then going to My Account and then Order Tracking.

Are CeX reliable?

“Cex made me happy because all of the member of staff are very friendly and helpful.” “Tried to sell two iphone 4s to cex. One was accepted one was too damaged.

CeX Reviews.

Shipping & Delivery
average delivery timeWithin 5 Days
on-time deliveryGreater than 81%
accurate and undamaged ordersGreater than 65%
Customer Service

7 more rows

Does CeX have next day delivery?

All depends on the store. Some are next day, some same day, and some, especially franchises, take longer. CeX quote 3-5 days iirc for postage. Best contact their support either via the form or their website if it doesn’t dispatch tomorrow.

What does the CeX card do?

A CeX membership allows you to sell and trade your items with us at anyone of our UK based stores. It’s free and easy to become a member! We have 2 types of membership. You do not need to bring ID to sign up for Exchange Membership.

What ID do I need for CeX?

In England, Northern Ireland and Wales full members must be at least 16 years old and be able to present ONE of the following ID: Current Signed Passport. EU National Identity Card. Current UK photocard Driving Licence (full/provisional)