What Is The Rarest Console?

Which console is the most expensive?

1 Nintendo Wii Supreme ($433,000)

Officially the most expensive console ever made, it seems to have been created with expense in mind and nothing else.

Are limited edition consoles worth it?

Yes they really are worth more to some people because they are limited. Go look at the price for Saturday Morning RPG (PS4, physical, boxed and sealed) on ebay or wherever for instance. People like to own things that are in limited supply. Sure a little amount but you won’t get rich by selling them.

How much did the ps1 cost?


SystemReleasedU.S. price
PlayStationSeptember 9, 1995$299
PlayStation 2October 26, 2000$299
PlayStation 3November 17, 2006$499 $599
PlayStation 4November 15, 2013$399

23 more rows

How much are old consoles worth?

You can expect to get anywhere between $15 and $35 for an original PlayStation. The typical range for a Nintendo 64 is $35 to $70, though many sell for around $50. If you have a SEGA Saturn, you might be in luck: many are worth $75 to $100.

Are Consoles worth it?

Yes, gaming consoles are very good but don’t even think to buy a Nintendo… The XBOX controllers are better than Play Station’s. XBOX exclusive games are better than Play Station exclusive games.

What’s the most expensive game ever made?

“Grand Theft Auto IV” – $100 million

Speaking of Rockstar Games and “Grand Theft Auto,” at the time it came out in 2008, “Grand Theft Auto IV” was the most expensive game ever produced.

What ps1 games are worth money?

Other Expensive PS1 Games

  • Bust A Groove 2 – New Price: $149.
  • X-men vs Street Fighter – New Price: $149.
  • Spyro Collectors Edition – New Price: $135.
  • Intelligent Qube – New Price: $130.
  • Vanguard Bandits – New Price: $121.
  • Tales of Destiny 2 – New Price: $120.
  • Suikoden – New Price: $114.
  • Tail Concerto – New Price: $108.

What is the rarest video games of all time?

  1. Blockbuster World Championships II (1995) – $10,500.
  2. Nintendo Powerfest (1994) – $15,600.
  3. Tetris (1984) – $16,000.
  4. Nintendo Campus Challenge (1992) – $20,100.
  5. Super Mario Bros.
  6. Air Raid (1982) – $33,433.
  7. Stadium Events (1986) – $41,300. Console: NES.
  8. 1990 Nintendo World Championships Gold (1990) – $100,000. Photo: Goomba Stomp.

What video games are worth a lot of money?

  • Air Raid – Atari 2600. Price Range: $3000 – $33 000.
  • The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak – NES. Price Range: $ 800 – $1300.
  • DuckTales 2 – NES.
  • Outback Joey – Sega Genisis.
  • Red Sea Crossing – Atari 2600.
  • Tetris – Sega Genesis/Megadrive.
  • Birthday Mania – Atari 2600.
  • Nintendo World Championships 1990 – NES.

How much is an old Gameboy worth?

Original Game Boy consoles sell for $53 on average, but used systems range in price from $18 to $180 depending on the condition the unit is in. Working systems with noticeable cosmetic damage will sell closer to $18, while complete-in-box models go for an upwards of $180.

How much are Xbox 360 worth?

Xbox 360 “Buy” Prices (What you can expect to pay as of 3/24/20)

GameStopeBay Current Price @ eBay
Xbox 360 S (Slim) 4 GB$50$46
Xbox 360 S (Slim) 250 GB$60$53
Xbox 360 S (Slim) 320 GB$80$60
Xbox 360 E 4 GB$50$40

6 more rows

Is Xbox 360 worth it in 2019?

It depends mostly on what you want out of a console. If you want a cheap games machine with a ton of games available that are also quite cheap, and if you don’t care that you won’t be able to play any of the recent hot games, then getting a cheap used 360 is quite worth it.

What are Xbox 360 games worth?

What’s an Xbox 360 Game Worth?

Xbox 360 Average Game Value: $4 to $8
GameRecent Sales Average (loose)Recent Sales Average (complete)
Assassin’s Creed$2$5
Red Dead Redemption$5$7

7 more rows

Is Xbox older than PlayStation?

Assuming you mean the xbox one, it came out on the 22nd of november 2013. The original PlayStation came out years before the Xbox. PS2 and the original Xbox were in the same generation of consoles. Whereas the Xbox first came out in 2001.

Why is Nintendo so expensive?

Higher production costs

According to Polygon, it is known that Nintendo Switch cartridges can be up to 60% more expensive than the Blu-ray discs used by other consoles.

Is original Nintendo worth anything?

Original Nintendo (NES):

According to Price Charting, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) currently (as of 10/26/18) goes for $40.02 without the box it came in, $83.04 if the system is complete in the box, and $660.42 if it is brand new in the box (never used).

How much is a Nintendo worth today?

NES consoles sell for $52 on average, but used systems can range in price anywhere from $11 to $135 depending on the condition the unit is in. Working systems with noticeable cosmetic damage will sell closer to $11, while complete-in-box models go for an upwards of $135.

How much is a Nintendo 64 worth?

Used Nintendo 64 consoles, on average, sell for $47, but systems can range in price from $6 to $100 depending on the condition the unit is in. Used prices for Nintendo 64 consoles can vary quite drastically depending on the condition of the console and whether or not the unit comes with its original packaging.

How much is a Super Nintendo worth?

How much is a SNES worth today? Used SNES consoles, on average sell for $60 on eBay, but the system ranges in price anywhere from $10 to $150 depending on the condition the unit is in. A used, redesigned New-Style Super NES, on the other hand, sells for $72 on average.

Are consoles sold at a loss?

One reason why companies sell the consoles at a loss initially is to lure customers into buying them and then try to make up for the losses through each game sold, as well as online subscriptions. Also, as more and more units are manufactured, the costs eventually decrease due to economies of scale.