Question: What Replaced Norton Ghost?

Is Norton Ghost still available?

Support for Norton Ghost has been discontinued from 30 June 2014.

Norton Ghost has had a very loyal following for many years.

However over the years, key Norton Ghost features such as backup and recovery have been built into other Norton product such as new Norton 360.

What is a ghost drive?

Ghost imaging, often called cloning, is a software-driven data backup process that copies the contents of a computer hard disk in a single compressed file or set of files, referred to as an image. It enables migration from one disk or PC to another, for example, to transfer from a hard disk to a solid-state drive.

What happened Norton Ghost?

Norton Ghost was discontinued on April 30, 2013. Support via chat and knowledge base was available until June 30, 2014. Until it was removed, the Symantec Ghost Web page invited Ghost customers to try Symantec System Recovery, described as software for backup and disaster recovery.

What is the best free cloning software?

  • Acronis Disk Director. A Windows only disk cloning suite.
  • Clonezilla. The free disk imaging and cloning software.
  • EaseUS Todo Backup. A slick disk cloning program that offers more features than most.
  • Macrium Reflect. The free cloning software for home and business.
  • Paragon Drive Copy Professional.
  • AOMEI Backupper.

What is the best cloning software for Windows 10?

Best Disk Cloning And Disk Imaging Software For Windows PC

  1. Paragon Drive Copy.
  2. Acronis True Image.
  3. EaseUS Todo Backup Home.
  4. Macrium Reflect.
  5. Nova Backup PC.
  6. Hard Disk Manager 16.
  7. CloneZilla.
  8. Drive Image XML.

What is the use of Ghost software?

Ghost imaging, using ghosting software, is a method of converting the contents of a hard drive — including its configuration settings and applications — into an image, and then storing the image on a server or burning it onto a CD.

What does Norton Ghost do?

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite has been designed to centrally manage the cloning and deployment of computers within a corporate environment. Norton Ghost is intended for the back-up (disks, files, folders) and recovery of computers for the individual consumer.

How much does Symantec Ghost cost?

Leasing options as low as $0.67/mo.


Product DescriptionSymantec Ghost Solution Suite – license – 1 device
License PricingVolume / 10000-49999 licenses

3 more rows

Can you Ghost Windows 10?

As far as we know, the most efficient way is to ghost Windows 10 is to use a powerful Windows 10 backup and restore software which allows you to clone system disk Windows 10 or ghost Windows 10 hard drive to an image file. The Windows 10 ghost image file can help you restore disk/partition from an unexpected disaster.

What is Ghost Explorer?

The Ghost Explorer utility lets you view, alter, add, and extract files from a Ghost image (. vmdk) files with Ghost Explorer. Using Ghost Explorer, you can do the following: View image file contents and save a list of files within an image file. Extract files or directories from an image file.

How does Symantec Ghost work?

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 works by copying the hard-disk drive, sector by sector, to create a clone of the operating system, which means it works best when deploying devices with identical hardware, or to backup an existing machine.

How do I use Norton Ghost 15?

How to Use Norton Ghost 15 Step by Step

  • Install Norton Ghost and open it. It will run a step-by-step wizard the first time you open it.
  • On the Home screen, you can create a backup task by clicking Define Backup Wizard or Run or Manage Backups.
  • The Easy Setup screen will appear.
  • Finally, click OK to confirm.

How can I make a ghost image?

Once you get into Ghost, take the following steps to create the image locally:

  1. Click OK on the informational Ghost screen.
  2. Click Local.
  3. Click Disk.
  4. Click To Image.
  5. Select the drive you wish to capture the image of and select OK.
  6. Browse to the external device you wish to store your image on and provide a file name.
  7. Click Save.

Does Symantec Ghost work with Windows 10?

As many computer users know, it’s essential to have a complete copy of your Windows partition to hand. So you can quickly and easily restore it to its exact state when something goes wrong. But unfortunately, Norton Ghost 15 can not activate on Windows 10.

Is Symantec Ghost free?

Although it was good, Norton Ghost wasn’t free and has long since been discontinued. Thankfully things are different now and even Windows can create basic full image backups of your system, although it can be slightly inflexible.

What is ghosting software?

Ghost imaging, using ghosting software, is a method of converting the contents of a hard drive — including its configuration settings and applications — into an image, and then storing the image on a server or burning it onto a CD.

Is it better to clone or image a hard drive?

It’s possible to clone a disk by using a disk image, but the two are distinctly different in the process they use to copy hard drives. Disk cloning creates a functional one-to-one copy of a hard drive, while disk imaging creates an archive of a hard drive that can be used to make a one-to-one copy.

Can I clone my HDD to SSD?

Cloning an HDD to the SSD will erase all the data on the target device. Make sure the capacity of the SSD exceeds the used space on your HDD, or there will be boot issues or data loss after cloning the HDD to your SSD. Make sure the partition style of the target disk is in accordance with the source disk.

Does Windows 10 have cloning software?

AOMEI Backupper Standard, the best free cloning software for Windows 10 can be your best choice. It can help you clone the entire HDD to another HDD/SSD, including operating system, installed applications and all the other data you will never want to lose.