Where Can I Sell My Iphone5?

How much is a used iPhone 5 worth today?

iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s

iPhone 5$8 – $100$150
iPhone 5c$90 – $150$90 – $150
iPhone 5s$60 – $130$160 – $170

Can I sell my old iPhone 5s?

To sell your Apple iPhone 5S 16GB and get the most cash for it, just follow these simple steps. Send your device – Choose an offer you like the look of, and click it to go to the buyer and enter your details. They’ll then send you a postage pack so you can mail them your Apple iPhone 5S 16GB.

Can I get money for my iPhone 5?

You can get cash for your iPhone from buyback sites, trade it in to your wireless carrier for a credit on future bills, or even swap it for a gift card to Target, Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart. Even if you’re in the iPhone Upgrade Program, you might have an old iPhone languishing in a drawer somewhere unused.

How much can I sell iPhone 5s for?

iPhone 5s (16GB / 32GB / 64GB)

Amazon$60 / $65 / $70 (all colors)
Best Buy (in-store credit)$49 / $49 / $61 (gray)
Gamestop (in-store credit/cash)$60 / $65 / $70 (all colors)
Gazelle$65 / $70 / $80 (all colors)

1 more row

Can I still use an iPhone 5?

Yes you can use an iPhone 5 in 2019 just fine. You use it like any other smartphone. Just put in the SIM card from your GSM carrier and it will just work. You can get apps from the App Store that are compatible with your phone just fine (we have much older phones here that work just fine).

Are iPhone 5s worth anything?

What is a Used Apple iPhone 5s Worth? Based on the carrier, storage size and condition, a used iPhone 5s is worth approximately $19 – $30. *Price subject to change.

How much is a broken iPhone 5s worth?

Right now, Gazelle will give you $125 for a broken 16GB iPhone 5 and as much as $320 for a perfect one. The going rate for BuyMyTronics is $98 – $336 and NextWorth is $95 – $340.

How much is a new iPhone 5?

Pricing will start at $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for a 64GB iPhone 5 – as long as a you sign a new, two-year contract. If you purchase an iPhone 5 off contract, a 16GB model will cost you $649, the 32GB model $749, and $849 for the 64GB iPhone 5 (according to AT&T’s website.)

Can I sell my iPhone 5c?

Sell Your iPhone 5C. Now, you can sell your phone for its actual worth and get paid for it in real-time. It’s that simple.

How much is a iPhone 5 at Walmart?

Retail monolith Walmart has allowed the cost of a new iPhone 5 (with a two-year contract) to slide all the way to $98 for a 16GB model in white or black on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, effective Friday. The megastore already had some of the lowest prices on a new iPhone 5, which were previously set at $129.

Where can I sell my iPhone?

Quick Look: Best Places to Sell Your iPhone Right Now

  • Best Services for Selling an iPhone. Decluttr – Free instant price evaluation to sell iPhone. BuybackBoss – Excellent customer satisfaction. QuickSell – Sell device in any condition. uSell.
  • Selling Your iPhone for Credit. Apple.
  • Selling Your iPhone Yourself. Craigslist. eBay.

What can I get for my iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5s (16GB / 32GB / 64GB)

Best Buy (in-store credit)$49 / $49 / $61 (gray)
Gamestop (in-store credit/cash)$60 / $65 / $70 (all colors)
Gazelle$65 / $70 / $80 (all colors)
Walmart (in-store credit)$45 / $53 / $62 (all colors)

1 more row

Does gamestop buy iPhone 5s?

Trade In iPhone 5s 32GB Unlocked | GameStop.

How much is it for iPhone 5s?

How much does the iPhone 5s cost?

StorageTwo-year ContractNo Contract
iPhone 5s 16GB$199$649
iPhone 5s 32GB$299$749
iPhone 5s 64GB$399$849

Is Cashify safe?

Introduced by ReGlobe – a firm that buys old and used gadgets through their buyer network, Cashify is an all star that offers convenient, secure, fast & easy way of selling old gadgets. You get a price quote within a fraction of seconds once Cashify finishes to diagnose the mobile automatically.

How do I sell my phone on Cashify?

How Cashify Works? After visiting the Cashify website or app, select the product category you would like to sell. Let’s say you want to sell your mobile phone – click on the mobile section, select the brand, select the variant and answer a few questions about the condition of the device.

Is an iPhone 5 still a good phone?

The Verdict: iPhone 5 is Still Good

Although the enduring design appeal of this device makes it look modern, it really is not. 5 years is a very long time when it comes to smartphones. If you’re in the market for a phone that you’ll be happy with for the long haul, consider moving up to at least the iPhone 5S.

Is iPhone 5s still good in 2020?

When it comes to performance, the Apple iPhone 5S is a little sluggish and understandably so. Apple’s dual-core 28nm A7 chipset and 1GB RAM combination might be enough back in 2013, but in 2020, it’s a different story. Don’t get me wrong, it can still run some of the latest apps and games just fine.