Quick Answer: Why Is The Switch So Expensive?

How much does the switch really cost?

Nintendo Switch: Price and availability

The standard Nintendo Switch, available with either Neon Red and Neon Blue or gray Joy-Con controllers, has a list price of $299.99 (279.99 pounds sterling).

Is a Nintendo switch worth the price?

Being able to play both Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey is almost worth the cost of entry on its own, and Nintendo is constantly coming up with new ideas. Other developers, including AAA, now consider the Switch a viable option for their games.

Why are old switch games so expensive?

It works for them. Other companies publishing on the Switch sometimes follow Nintendo’s lead. They also set the prices slightly higher than on other consoles because carts are more expensive than Blu-Rays, and they bring the games out later on Switch than on other consoles, meaning they start at full price later.

Is the Nintendo switch in stock?

The Nintendo Switch in stock tracker is on the right.

Nintendo Switch Recent In Stock History (Time – EST)

StoreProduct TitleIn Stock & Total Time
AmazonConsole – Nintendo Switch Blue/Red Joy-Con — $299.9904-28-20 5:46 6m

5 more rows

Is there a new switch coming out?

DigiTimes reported the new Nintendo Switch model will be released in “mid-2020,” with production beginning “at the end of first-quarter 2020” — which is sometime around March.

What apps does Nintendo switch have?

The Nintendo Switch can now run Android, giving the hybrid game console access to Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, a wide array of Android apps, and loads of classic game emulators, of course.